As one of the largest manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam in Bangladesh, more popularly known as PU foam and Memory Foam. APEX FOAM is one of the most popular Brad Foam manufacturing company that was founded in 1981 and started manufacturing PU Foam. The company’ s head office is based in Old Dhaka Lalbagh and the state of the art manufacturing facility is based in Tejgoan Industrial Area. UP. Due to its lean practices and high production capacity, APEX FOAM has maintained a very wide product proliferation in standard as well as technical PU foam categories. These are available in various qualities, densities and sizes in the form of sheets, cushions and pillows. The company has carved its way to be amongst the top in Country as it strives on the pillars of high customer satisfaction, superior product quality, ethical practices and value addition of all the relevant stakeholders.


Mission Statement : To manufacture and provide superior quality of PU & Memory foam along with enhanced customer satisfaction through
means of ethical business practices.

Vision : To become the industrial leader in manufacturing and providing PU foam products while ensuring sustainable development of all
the stakeholders.

In 1982, APEX FOAM started off by filling the void of customer service in the PU foam manufacturing industry.
Its management adapted the ideologies of customer comes first, stringent quality checks and sustainable development and soon took it
to be among the largest and the most reputed PU foam manufactures in the country.
Today, it is backed up with over 36 years of experience in the PU foam industry and is equipped with a highly customized & fully
autometic manufacturing machine.
APEX FOAM has the capacity to manufacture PU & Memory foam of almost any density, quality and colour. It has streamlined its
operations to deliver these products to a wide segment of customers that cater to various industries that include but not limit to mattress,
home comfort product, furniture, shoe and automobile. Though most of the end products are generally furnished in the form of foam
sheets and cushions of various sizes, APEX FOAM also has the capacity to cater them in other special sizes & shapes such as the one
required by the furniture, packaging and Bedding industries.

Additionally, the company has effectively integrated IT solutions in its supply chain to not just track all its end products such as PU sheets
to their respective blocks but also to their respective raw materials. As a forward looking company, APEX FOAM believes investing in R&D
that are in compliance with ethical business practices to make sure none of the stakeholder’s value is mitigated. Due to its experience of
over 36 years, consistent due diligence and persistent efforts to strive towards sustainable development, APEX FOAM has developed
excellent relationships with its suppliers and customers.

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